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You can sign up here for a Free Membership.

The Free Membership gives you access to the home conditioning videos created by examiners for students in lockdown. These videos will help you maintain your strength and flexibility whilst you can’t attend studio dance classes.

Once registered and logged in you can then add optional subscription memberships by selecting My Subscriptions and adding a paid (monthly) subscription, which gives you access to your grade/genre of syllabus choreography for home practice.  

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You must be 18 years or over to create an account.  If under this age, a parent or guardian can create an account.

You must be affiliated to a registered dance studio to create an account.  

You understand that home practice undertaken with APDA videos is at your own risk.  We expect dancers to be warmed-up and following the technical instructions when using this resource.

Option 1: Free Membership

Free to all APDA students to access home-help videos.  You need to register below.  Your membership is free.

Option 2: Monthly Subscriptions

This is an optional paid subscription to access syllabus work.  The cost is USD $5.99 per month, charged to your credit card.  This can be cancelled at any time under the My Subscriptions tab.  Please note that we are an international organisation and our  pricing is in US dollars.

More than one Dancer in the Family?

As a parent (after registration) you can add individual logins for each of your children and then assign the subscriptions to their individual logins.

Note: After completing the registration form below, we will send you an email to confirm your account - if this is not received in your inbox, then please check your spam box. If you do not receive this email then please contact