"Thanks for an amazing conference.  I am extremely impressed with your professionalism,and your management and marketing skills. Not only have you have created a fabulous syllabus but you have made everyone associated to it feel like part of a family. The openness of everyone to help each other in their business and personal development is so refreshing. I am very excited and feel very privileged to be part of the APDA Family.

Denice Garmonsway, Garmonsway School of Dance, Christchurch, New Zealand.


"Silhouette Dance Studio joined APDA in 2003 and have been teaching the Jazzaddict, La Beauté Ballet, Lucidity Contemporary, Urban Ignition and more recently the Tap Evolution syllabus across all ages and levels. We have been most impressed with the syllabus, the connections between each levels ensure that students are building on skills and technique and the quality of the advanced grades is exceptional. Over the past 10 years there have been updates of the syllabus amalgamations which has kept all the work fresh and current, I feel this is so important as it helps engage students with music and choreography they enjoy. The examination experience has always been a professional but friendly one that my students look forward to each year. We are proud to be members of this association and we look forward to its continued growth.”  

Michelle Meschiati, Silhouette Dance Studio, Perth, Australia.


“I had spent a number of years teaching the same old dance syllabi that really just “go through the motions”, until I stumbled across the APDA.

I immediately grabbed the opportunity to expose my students to a syllabus that focused on dance and performance and was new and fresh with the latest music that students can relate to.

Upon meeting the management staff of APDA I immediately understood why this syllabus was so upbeat and focused on the right areas of dance.  The upbeat attitudes of the teaching staff was infectious and pumped new life back into my passion for dance and teaching.

Ongoing workshops and continuous focus on updating or refreshing of the syllabus, combined with studio development information are all part of what makes you feel part of the APDA family.

If you are looking for a syllabus that enables your students to focus on dance and performance to help them grow in confidence and as dancers and as a person, then don’t hesitate to contact Corinne at Asia Pacific Dance Association you will not regret your decision.”

Lou Horo, Jazz Time Dance, Invercargill, New Zealand.


“Operating a performing arts school is busy as we all know! It requires constant organisation to ensure that everything runs smoothly and communication is effective. 

We have used multiple syllabi and I can honestly say some have made life much more complicated than necessary!  We absolutely LOVE using and working with the APDA syllabi because all information is clear, communication is excellent and it makes our life running a successful studio so much easier!

Aside from the quality of service being a major benefit from an administrative perspective, our teachers unanimously agree that the work is lovely and varied to teach. There is an excellent balance of structure and technique with room to still utilise each individual teachers’ style and personality. 

This clearly filters through to the students and is obvious in their enjoyment of dance (which is ultimately why we are all in this industry).  The dancers and teachers love the work and they continue to express and achieve through these syllabi.”

Tammy Bennett, Aspire Arts Academy, Matamata, New Zealand.