Take your dance class home with you!

The student zone enables APDA students exclusive access to videos for home practice.

Take your dance class home!  

"Learn by practice” - Martha Graham.


You can register as an APDA student to access our FREE online conditioning videos.  

These videos have been created by some of our wonderful examiners to assist you during Covid lockdowns.  

These videos will help you maintain your strength and flexibility at home in preparation for returning to your dance studio.

Syllabus Subscription Zone

For USD5.99 per month you can access your grade syllabus videos.  These videos demonstrate your examination syllabus work which you can reference for choreography, timing and technical placement.

This valuable resource:
  • Enables parents to home assist
  • Includes rear views and slow motion videos of complex choreography to enable easy learning
  • Is an excellent reference for students to check and review technique, timing and choreography
  • Can be set-up by creating a subscription account (USD $5.99 per month).  Subscriptions can be cancelled easily and at any time on the website.

We are an international curriculum, please note pricing is in US currency.

* By registering as an APDA student member (FREE Zone or Syllabus Subscription Zone), you give permission for APDA to contact you in regard to student awards and APDA information.


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