Take your dance class home with you!

The student zone enables APDA students exclusive access to syllabus videos for home practice.


Subscriptions from this Friday 27th March will be discounted by 50% to USD$2.99 per month for 3 months (until the 1st July) to support our APDA students with home learning.

All existing subscriptions will be changed to this price going forward.

This valuable resource:

  • Enables parents to home assist
  • Is an excellent reference for students to check and review technique, timing and choreography
  • Includes rear views and slow motion videos of complex choreography to enable easy learning
  • Can be set-up by creating a subscription account (USD$2.99 per month during COVID-19 - normally USD $5.99 per month).  Subscriptions can be cancelled easily and at any time on the website.

"Learn by practice” - Martha Graham.


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