Competition Rules & Information

ASPIRE Global Dance Challenge

Information, Rules, Responsiblities, Term & Conditions

General Information

The APDA ASPIRE Global Dance Challege has been established to provide the opportunity for dancers to continue competing throughout COVID-19.

This competition is open to all dance studios world-wide with competition sessions in May, July and October.

The closing date for entries is published on our website for each competition. 

This competition is in support of the dance community. 


Registration is to be completed by competitors.  By entering this competition, competitors declare that their teacher is aware and supportive of their competition entry in this and verify the competitor’s date of birth, item and filming date.

Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and will be limited for each category. 

No competitor may enter the same item twice during the competition with the exception of the NOVICE category.

Once entries are full, the website will display a ‘category full’ message for the relevant genre and age-group and entries will be locked.

All entries and credit card payments must be received by the closing date.

Acceptance of late entries is at the discretion of the event organisers.  Full credit card payment must be received to confirm entry.

All Competitors: Please ensure you entered into the correct section for your dance to be eligible to compete.

Registration and Entry Costs

Solo Entry Fee               USD$9.00 per entry

Duo/ Trio Entry Fee       USD$14 per entry

Troupe Entry Fee           USD$18 per entry

Registration Fee             USD$5.50 per entry form (can have multiple entries on one form)

Organiser Responsibility

  • All participants will be treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Adjudicators will be qualified to adjudicate the genre being performed.
  • Adjudicators will be encouraging and fair. 
  • Adjudicators will offer valuable performance feedback and, where possible, assist the dancer to improve their performance.  They will watch all entries twice - once to mark and again to provide audio feedback.
  • The organisers will publish the videos of competitors placed first, second and third in each section on the website to celebrate their achievement (and some VHC, HC mentions).  The page displaying the placegetter videos will have password protection.  The password for this page will be provided only to the competitors of the competition.
  • The organisers will endeavour to meet the timeframes given for adjudicating and dispersing results however if there are any unforeseen circumstances that delay the schedule (eg. natural disaster, mass technical disruption), then organisers will distribute results as soon as possible after any such disruption.
  • Three “Adjudicators’ Awards” will be presented.  These items will be published on the website (for viewing by competitors with password).  These awards may be shared between competitors if the adjudicators are unable to agree on one winner.

ASPIRE Global Dance Challenge Terms & Conditions

APDA operating as ASPIRE Global Dance Challenge reserves the rights to:

  • Combine sections due to limited entries if required.
  • Disqualify a competitor if they do not meet the filming requirements (see below).  No video editing is permitted (except to overlay music if desired).  ID board must be displayed.
  • Cancel the event should the minimum number of entries are not met.  Should this occur, all entry fees would be refunded back to the competitor’s credit card used for entry.  Refunds take 5-10 days to show on credit cards.
  • Charge for changes to an entry. A USD$5 administration fee will be applied to the competitor if any changes are requested and accepted.

By entering this competition, competitors agree to have their item published on the APDA website if they are placed first, second, third (and possibly VHC or HC) in any section of the competition. The page displaying the placegetter videos will have password protection and is for exclusive viewing by participants of this competition.  The password for this page will be provided only to the competitors of the competition.  The password provided to competitors is NOT to be shared with any other person.

Contestants will be marked by a skilled dance adjudicator and all decisions of adjudicators are final.  No correspondence will be entered into.

Participant Responsibility

We promote safe and appropriate dance practice and require the following competitor responsibility:

  • Dancers to perform at their own risk.  Competitors should follow safe dance practice by thoroughly warming-up and stretching before and after filming. 
  • All performances must be age appropriate.  Items which are deemed seriously exploitative by the Adjudicator in the way of competitor costume, choreography or song selection (particularly relating to younger competitors), will be disqualified.
  • In the interests of dancer safety, teachers must ensure their student is capable of  executing any tricks, acrobatic movements or skills competently and safely within their item. 
  • Dancers must demonstrate clear competency of any step or movement that poses risk or injury.

Filming Requirements

  • It is preferable that the competitor film their item in a dance studio however if the dancer is in lock-down during COVID-19, a recording at a safe home venue is acceptable (please ensure floor is suitable). 
  • Competitors to be groomed as per a normal competition - with costume, hair styled and make-up.
  • Each video entry must show a valid ID board (A4 paper) displayed clearly at the beginning of each item.  ID must include the competitor name, date of birth, studio, category, name of item and date of filming.  Please see the sample video on our website.
  • Filming must have taken place within 6 weeks of the closing date of entries.
  • When filming, the quality of the footage must be in high definition (HD) or full HD and filmed in landscape format (not portrait). 
  • A modern smart phone with footage filmed in HD (high definition), also known as 720p, or FULL HD 1080P will meet these requirements. 
  • There must be NO EDITING of the item, the entire dance should be one shot from start to finish.
  • The competitor’s entire body should be in shot for the duration of the filming.
  • Competitors to UPLOAD their item footage to a YouTube account and then paste the link into the online entry form.   Please save as 'UNLISTED' (not 'private').  If 'UNLISTED' we can view your item using your link but others will not be able to view unless you have supplied them your url.
  • Competitors to ensure their item footage remains on their YouTube account for the duration of judging and then for 6 weeks after announcement of results if placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Competition Rules

The competitor must film their item as per the requirements above.

The competitor agrees to the ASPIRE Global Dance Challenge Terms and Conditions above.

The competitor agrees to the Participant Responsibility above.

The teacher of the competitor must be aware of, and in agreement with, the competition entry.  By entering this competition the teacher verifies the date of birth, item and date of filming of the competitor.

Time Limits

6 years and under:                     2 minutes

7-12 years (inclusive):               2.5 minutes

13 years and over:                      3 minutes

Song and Dance (all):                 3 minutes

Troupes/Crew/Ensemble:           5 minutes


The time will be taken from the start of the music or the first movement of sound of the competitor, whichever occurs first.  Any items which are over the time limit will have .5 marks deducted for every second over time.

Pre-recorded tap sounds will not be permitted in any tap dance.

Entries are non-refundable, please ensure you read the terms and conditions before entering the competition.

Competitor’s names or Dance Studio names must not be on any item of clothing, prop or music during performances. 

Music Requirements

Music can be recorded live or music can be overlayed.

Age Division

  • Age is determined based on the “age as at” for each individual competition (eg. age as at "1st July"). Please check the date ‘as at’ for the competition you are entering into to ensure you are in the correct age section.  The date will change for each competition which may change which age category you will be marked in.
  • Competitors may be required to provide proof of age if requested.
  • Competitors are not permitted to dance in a higher age group unless, due to limited numbers, the age groups are combined and the organisers place you in a combined section.

Categories of Dance:

Acro (Acrobatics)

Performance must consist of gymnastic and/or acrobatic skills incorporated with dance technique. This may include skills such as walkovers, aerials, back handsprings. 


Classical (Ballet)

Item must include classical steps and ballet technique demonstrating formal classical dance.  Ballet or pointe shoes only.



Performance in classical/ballet style portraying an easily recognisable character throughout the item by way of music, costume and choreography. 



A piece extracted from a professionally performed classical ballet, modified for the purposes of the performance.



This performance should be a sleekly modern, innovative style of ballet/classical in a more minimalistic form compared to traditional ballet.  Can combine modern dance elements with classical ballet elements.  Pointe shoes to be worn.


Jazz (Modern)

Routine is choreographed utilising jazz technique and movement.



Contemporary dance is creative and explores emotional connection.  Steps are a fusion of various styles or innovative movements.  Normally performed with bare feet.



Performance to consist of dynamic emotion with connection to lyrics.  Emotional and expressive movements to be demonstrated with a classical base of technique featuring fluidity, balance, extension and control.  Can be performed in bare feet, foot thongs or ballet shoes.


Tap (any style)

Performance (any style of tap -  traditional, waltz, speed, stomp, theatrical, latin) consisting of tap steps and technique.  Must be performed in tap shoes.  Song & Dance in tap can be performed in this section or the Song & Dance section.


Hip Hop

Item includes hip hop and street dance steps –  can include styles such as popping, locking, waaking, reggaeton and breaking.


Theatre Dance/Broadway Jazz/ Musical Theatre

Item is theatrical in nature and choreographed to music from a Broadway or cinematic musical. The piece should amalgamate all three categories of singing (or lip syncing)/acting/movement.  Convincing characterisation and authenticity should be demonstrated in the role play.  Please note: no monologues or introductions, this should just be performed to a song.


Song & Dance (any dance style)

Performance contains singing and dancing of any type.  Singing or vocals are not permitted on the backing track however backing vocals are permitted.  Full vocals are permitted in the dance section or item only.  Song must account for at least 50% of the performance piece.


Student Choreography

Can be any style of dance.  This must be choreographed independently by the competitor with no teacher input.


Boys Only (any style)

One routine in any genre however the item cannot have been entered in another section.


Novice (any style)

For competitors who have not received a first place in a novice or open category at any other competition.  



This can be a second routine for a section that the competitor has already entered into (ie: competitors can only have one entry per section so a separate routine of the same genre can be entered here in the Open section).

This can be a routine that we don’t currently have a section/category for.

Please note: a routine CANNOT be entered in this section if we already have an existing category that the competitor could enter their item into (from the categories above).

Performance Scoring

  • Audio critiques will be emailed to competitors via the email address used in the online entry form.   The organisers will endeavour to email audio critiques one week after the judging start date.
  • Contestants will be adjudicatred by a skilled dance adjudicator and all decisions are final.  No correspondence will be entered into.
  • A marking structure and criteria will be used by our adjudicators and each competitor’s total mark will be included at the end of the audio critique. 
  • Marks are attributed for costume and grooming, technique, performance quality and choreography.  As a guideline, a mark of 86 and over can be interpreted as the equivalent of an ‘Honours’ level of achievement in syllabus work.

Adjudicators’ Awards

Several “Adjudicators’ Awards” will be presented and can be selected by the Adjudicators from any section. 

The Awards include;

  • Performance/ Entertainment Award
  • Technical Excellence Award
  • Encouragement Award
  • Costume Award

A Choreography Award will also be presented in recognition of the teacher or student choreographer, and can be selected from any section. 

These award-winning items will be published on the website (for viewing enjoyment of competition participants). 

These awards can be shared if the adjudicators cannot agree on a single winner for an award.


Dance is an art.  Competitions are platforms for dancers to perform.

Our dance community values our young generation of dancers and their contribution to the Arts.

Dancers – immerse yourself in your performance, share your passion and show us how much you love to dance!