Annual Registration - Existing Members

This registration form is the annual renewal to license your school to teach the APDA syllabi.

The Asia Pacific Dance Association reserves the right to accept or decline membership.

Registered members will receive a certificate to authorise the teaching of the APDA syllabi in their school for the year. Schools not registered are prohibited from using any of the syllabi/choreography.

All syllabus choreography, notes and branding are copyright to The Asia Pacific Dance Association, all rights reserved. Registration is valid for one year (or part thereof) to December of the current year.

All registered studios must enter a minimum of 25 students for examinations or medal tests. By signing the registration form, your studio agrees to the terms and conditions above. This minimum number can be the COMBINED number of more than one syllabi (eg. 15 jazz and 10 hip hop).

Studio registrations are accepted at the discretion of APDA.

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* Registration is effective from 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2021 irrespective of joining date

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Annual Registration Fee

Annual Registration Fee: US $150 per syllabus (US $130 early-bird price*)

Bundle price: US $475 for 4 syllabi (US $415 early-bird price*)

Full Package Price: US $575 for all 6 syllabi (US $530 early-bird price*)

Registration includes 1 calendar year of entire syllabus video access (via this website), accessible from 1st January of registration year.

*Early-bird prices are only valid until the 30th November the year PRIOR to the year of registration.


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